You can self-manage your abortion, we can help.

How does this service work?

1. Click ‘I Need an Abortion’ to answer questions about your pregnancy. Check your email for confirmation and next steps.

2. A partner doctor reviews your information to see that at-home abortion is safe for you. You’ll hear back within 24 hours with a prescription for abortion pills OR additional questions.

3. You collect your medicines from a pharmacy and pay for your medicines at a pharmacy near you. We direct you to an abortion-friendly pharmacy.

4. The doctor provides instructions on how to safely manage your abortion-at-home. You can get in touch with questions or concerns or visit our Q&A section.

Abortion pills (misoprostol) cost R200 at the pharmacy. The combination of mifepristone & misoprostol cost R770 – please let us know if you prefer this option. There are no other costs involved.

Abortion with pills at home is an option if your pregnancy is 10 weeks or less.
More than 10 weeks? See our resources on finding a clinic.

Abortion at-home does not involve seeing a doctor in person. Some women prefer the convenience or privacy of this method while others like more contact with a healthcare provider. If you prefer in-person care, please visit a clinic. Please read all of the doctor’s instructions carefully and reach out with questions or concerns – you are an active partner in your own health.